Ponette have received great reviews from both Norwegian and international music magazines and blogs through 2017 and into 2018 they have been presented as one of the artists to look out for in the year to come
Line of Best Fit

Line of Best Fit

Laurence Day

"Oslo-based quartet Ponette draw together disparate influences to create a bewitching pop elixir that packs a heavyweight punch in every beat."



Daniel Hagen

"Ponette har akkurat det så mange av artistene på by:Larm mangler: variasjon. Det er et vidt spenn av sjangere og stiler som blir blandet og der noen partier høres ut som radiopop er det andre partier som er mye mer obskure. Noen ganger høres det ut som noe så paradoksalt som dansbar shoegaze."




"...Ponette contrast multi-layered synth textures and thick electronic bass with minimal, distant guitars and Helene Svaland’s incredibly airy vocals."

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For any question or request about booking or live performances dont hesitate to contact Espen Siewert. For any other request please contact our manager Tobias Teigen


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Tobias Teigen
+40 762 321 762

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